Wetlands and Waterways

Bothin Marsh

Bothin Marsh is a well-loved stretch of shoreline that offers much in the way of recreation and wildlife, with unique plants and animals surrounded by urban development. With climate change and sea level rise, flooding is increasing in frequency and duration on the Mill Valley-Sausalito Multi-Use Path (Bay Trail) and throughout Bothin Marsh.

Please join us at these Evolving Shorelines events to learn more about the hidden treasures within the preserve and the natural history of the Tam Community. We want you to become part of a greater conversation on how to preserve and protect people, place, and the natural landscape.
Learn more about the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve and the challenges it faces with climate change and sea level rise.

A Community Vision for Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve

Bothin Marsh’s natural resources provide numerous ecological, economic, and social benefits to human visitors and neighbors. The land managers of Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve have the responsibility of protecting an ecologically rich and beloved open space and recreational access. Land management decisions must not only be driven by the best science but also with community participation in caring for our shared open spaces. Click here to learn more about the process underway to create a shared community vision for Bothin Marsh.

Credit: Craig Solin

A restored Bothin Marsh will be more resilient to the effects of climate change, helping protect plant, animal, and human residents alike

Credit: Dana Husted

Many bird species rely on Bothin Marsh, which is threatened by climate change

Natural shoreline restoration at Aramburu offers a model for what could happen at Bothin Marsh

Credit: Len Blumin

The endangered California Clapper Rail is one of the species that calls Bothin Marsh home

Credit: Tina Torresan

Bothin offers a glimpse of what the Bay’s wetlands once were