Measuring the health of Mt. Tam

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant and diverse Mt. Tam begins with understanding how key ecological resources are faring, and how we can better care for this iconic and beloved place.

One Tam partners and Bay Area scientists have come together to try to answer the question: How healthy are Mt. Tam's natural resources?

Health of Mt. Tam

The Overall Health of Mt. Tam

Mt. Tam’s natural resources are in an overall Fair condition and a trend of No Change. Some of the mountain’s plants and wildlife are thriving, while others are suffering the effects of invasive species, plant disease, changed fire frequencies, and climate change. However, even some of those in decline are at a point where their trajectory can still be improved. The condition and trend of many species or groups like invertebrates and bats remain largely unknown.

Learn more through the links to the Wildlife, Plant, and Landscape health indicator assessments above, or download the full report here.